90-year Celebration Competition 17.12.22



Competition Invitation
Kemi Swim Club will organize at Kemi Swimming Hall
90-year Celebration Competition
Saturday December 17th 2022 
Even starts: 11 am 
Pool Entry and Warm Up: 10.00-10.50

  1. Girls-12, Women 4x50m Freestyle Relay

  2. Boys-13, Men 4x50m Freestyle Relay

  3. Girls-12, 14, Women 50m Butterfly

  4. Boys-13, 15, Men 50m Butterfly

  5. Girls-11, Girls-13, Women 100m Backstroke

  6. Boys-12, Boys-14, Men 100m Backstroke

  7. Girls-10 25m Backstroke

  8. Boys-11 25m Backstroke

  9. Girls-11, Girls-13, Women 100m Breaststroke

  10. Boys-12, Boys-14, Men 100m Breaststroke

  11. Girls-12, Girls-14, Women 50m Freestyle (Final qualification)

  12. Boys-13, Boys-15, Men 50m Freestyle (Final qualification)


  1. Girls-12, Women 4x50m Medley Relay

  2. Boys-13, Men 4x50m Medley Relay

  3. Girls-11, Girls-13, Women 100m Freestyle

  4. Boys-12, Boys-14 Men 100m Freestyle

  5. Girls-12, Girls-14, Women 50m Backstroke

  6. Boys-13, Boys-15, Men 50m Backstroke

  7. Girls-11, Girls-13, Women 100m Medley

  8. Boys-12, Boys-14, Men 100m Medley

  9. Girls-10, Girls-14, Women 25m Freestyle

  10. Boys-11, Boys-15, Men 25m Freestyle

  11. Girls-12, Girls-14, Women 50m Breaststroke

  12. Boys-13, Boys-15, Men 50m Breaststroke


  1. Girls -12 Final

  2. Boys -13 Final

  3. Women Superfinal

  4. Men Superfinal


Competition information and conditions:

Swimming times in the 50 m pool are taken into account when creating the heat orders.

The exercise pool is available throughout the competition.

Top three in each age group are awarded. 

There are cash prizes for best three in Girls 12 and Boys 13 Finals.

The Super Finals are swum as an elimination competition with cash prizes for all final participants.

Registrations to Tempus by Thursday 8th of December 2022.

Start fees: €9 / start to be paid upon registration to Kemi Swimming Club's account OP FI46 5131 0020 1795 53

Late entries will be accepted only if room exists in an existing heat. Late entry fee is €18 per event.

Start fees are not charged from participants of foreign swimming clubs.

Inquiries: keminuimaseura@gmail.com

Welcome to end the 2022 season in Kemi!

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04.10.202290-year Celebration Competition 17.12.22
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